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IP Strip is a tool that instantly extracts all IP addresses from a file
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20 August 2009

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Administrators require maintaining proper record of data relating to the entire network they’re dealing with. However, it’s imperative to create a separate list of IP entire addresses from the list for providing better network support. Now, if you go for manual collection of IP addresses from the huge log file, then it might take your hours of time and efforts to find and list them in a new file. Well, how about assigning the task to a competent assistant that automatically would collect the entire IP addresses within few clicks. One such adept assistant has been structured for you in the form of Ip Strip 1.0. The program functions skillfully to grab the entire IP addresses from your selected log file, allowing you to store the list in a new file.

With Ip Strip you get an intuitively structured console with easily explored options to perform the task. While using the program, you’d require selecting an Input file holding the IP addresses to be separated. Next, you’ve to define the output file name and its location to get the resulting list stored at preferred destination. In addition, it also offers the option that you can mark or unmark for removing the IP addresses. When you’ve made a choice over that, you juts have to hit Strip button placed at the bottom side. As soon as you press the button, the program begins extracting the entire IP addresses from the selected input file, and displays them at the middle part of the program screen. You can finally explore the file from the defined destination to verify the derived results.

Ip Strip 1.0 is easier to use and derives the resulting IP addresses list instantly, without requiring much effort on your part. The program delivers good performance and consists of a simple feature-set, and considering the entire aspects it qualifies to get 3 rating points.

Publisher's description

IP Strip is a utility that instantly extracts all of the IP addresses from a file. In certain cases, especially in the life of the administrator, you might have a file which contains IP addresses you would like seperate from all other miscellaneous data. This application makes that a very easy task to accomplish.
To use IP Strip, you simply give the program an input file that holds the IP addresses you want seperated, and specify an output file where the resulting IP addresses will be saved.
Ip Strip
Ip Strip
Version 1.0
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Brad Carter
This is an excellent app that works great!
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